Night Walker (Undeadly Secrets, #1)

“Move over Rice and Meyer…” — The Lawless Land of Books

“Haven’t seen vampires this well created since Lestat…” —  Valerie Roeseler: Author

“I was definitely impressed…this one grabbed my attention from the get go…” — Ravannah Rayne: Vampire Forums

“Mr. Speer has a way with words and storytelling that kept me turning pages” — Book Relations Book Blog

Day Dreamer (Undeadly Secrets, #2)

“Bam! This is one of those books that will suck you in and spit you out, all while taunting you.” –Jessica: 2OCCReviews

“FFS. I cannot even move past my shock and awe at the execution of the climax of this novel.” –Michele Gantz: Author and Blogger at #Minxes Love Books

“…I liked book 1 but 2 is so much better…..I’m really ready to throat punch Dante!” — Shannon: Escape Reality Book Blog

Shadow Chaser (Undeadly Secrets, #3)

“That ending… I have NEVER known an ending like it… it was intense, it was heartbreaking, it was insane!!!”– Alice: 2OCCReviews

“Hands down best book I have read this year. STANDING OVATION Mr Speer!!” — Amber Proud: Nerd Girl

“I freaking loved this book, it was so unlike anything else I have read this year.” — Catherine Wright: Cat’s Guilty Pleasure

“[Y]ou just need to effing read this series… Seriously… Oh, and the sex scenes are amazing.” Steven Smithen: Author

Pack Master (Undeadly Secrets, #4)

“It’s thrilling and emotional and has more plot twists than a maze!” –Janine: The World Was Hers For The Reading

“Lee Nightingale is quite possibly my favorite character in the entire series. He is freaking hilarious…. Fascinating… vulgar… amazing… like a freaky phoenix… and totally hot. But I digress. Well played, Speer. Well-effing-played. 🖤”–Michelle: Michelle’s Book Blog

“Lee Nightingale. O-M-G!! This man!! I tell ya, there’s never a dull moment with this man around. I don’t know what or who he is yet, but I’m definitely sticking around to find out. He’s virtually indestructible, stronger than anyone else on the planet, and his sense of humor is out of this world! He’s inappropriate, lustful, hungry, and always up for a good time. You know, if a good time includes sex and the annihilation of nations lol!!” –Natalie: Natalie the Biblioholic

“This series gets better and better. I ugly cried. I laughed. I even shouted at my phone.” — Nikki: Jaqueline and Nikki’s Book Corner

“Speer skillfully takes all the threads and weaves them into an action packed, secret revealing, hero creating tale that will make fans of the series very happy” — Lisa: Words We Love By

“Mr. Speer has made me like a genre that I normally stay away from.” –Kelly: Words We Love By

The Independents I

“Even in such a short story, his craft for the written word shines.” — KL Johnston: Author

“A fantastic and terrifying read.” — Janine: The World Was Hers For The Reading

“…gripping from beginning to end…” — Kathryn Dee: CLiK Book Blog

“Sweet Grapes! This was awesome! …” — R.D. Hayes: Author

“This is one of those short tales that make a Kindle Unlimited subscription worth the money.” — Ron K.: Amazon Customer

The Independents II

“Aaron’s tongue in cheek commentary of the Indie book community and the drama that can occur is spectacular.” — Janine: The World Was Hers For The Reading

“…was more intense than the first one. Real life situations and great writing…” — Jessica: 2OCCReviews

“I am blown away by the detail and the imagery given in such a short story.” — Brandi: Let’s Read Romance
Undisputed (Undisputed Series, #1)

“[S]uperbly crafted. Speers has not just delivered a love story, but a story which had strength, fight, beauty, and a wonderfully woven tenderness. I was glued to the pages”.– Belle Brooks Author

“This book is brilliant! It’s my first Aaron Speer book and I definitely wasn’t disappointed. Sure, I wanted to (and maybe threatened to) junk punch the author at one point when he shattered my heart. Then as quick as he’d destroyed me, all it took was one page, one line and I wanted a hug!” — Rebecca Barber: Author

“Aaron L. Speer fans will like Undisputed for its signature Speer style and so will sport romance fans for its well-written fight scenes and touching romance tale”. — Lisa: Words We Love By

“Aaron Speer knows how to put the words to the page. He knows how to drag you into his world and keep you there for the entire ride.” — Brandi: Let’s Read Romance

“Aaron has given us not just a love story but a story of strength and beauty, a story so strong in its characters and writing that you feel completely lost in the words. It is now ranked in my top books of all time!!!“ — Alicia: Shock N’ Awe Book Blog

“Undisputed is a Steamy Action-Packed leap into MMA that will HIT you with ALL the feels. Speer amps up the tension stretches your libido to the breaking point, delivers in that oh so delicious Speerzie way and leaves you gasping for more.”– Jo: The Lawless Land of Books

“Undisputed was a unique and incredible take on a contemporary MMA romance. 5 stars.” — Janine: The World Was Hers For The Reading

“It sucked me into a world that made me laugh, cry and maybe I invented some new emotions in the process lol.” Bridgett — Kick Ass Reads and Promotions
“Speerzie is fantastic at merging action with emotion. This is such a compelling story of love, loss, and finding a worthy cause to fight for. But let’s not forget the sass. Fiona, the best friend, side character, steals the spotlight with her wit and lack of a filter… This Aussie author can do no wrong and I will faithfully follow him through any genre he blazes through.” — Jennifer L: Amazon Reviewer


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