Q & A

FAQ – End of Year 2015!

Thanks to all those who have contacted me. Please keep them coming. I’ll answer as many as I can.

– “What is taking so long with Day Dreamer?” Editing. This is the biggest book I’ve written, and I’m finding by going through it I’m adding just as much as I’m taking away. It didn’t help that my poor editor broke her hand either…
– “If you could describe the theme of Day Dreamer in one word?”
– “Is there anything you can reveal about the way you will present your werewolves?” I can say they will NOT turn into wolves. I hate that.
– “Will you be introducing a new take on werewolf lore like you did with vampires?” I will indeed.
– “What is the best thing about releasing Night Walker?” Talking to people that read it and getting their feedback
– “Gotta say I’m really looking forward to Day Dreamer, and Dante facing off with a werewolf. All of your vamps fighting actually! Please tell me this happens? Or do you do a breaking dawn and have everyone kiss and make up with nothing happening?”
…hmmm how best to answer this…I know! I have never seen nor read BD and I love Underworld

“Can I ask Dante and Julian a question? What’s your opinion on Edward Cullen as a vampire?”
Dante “A…poor representation”
Julian “Vampire? He’s a blood drinking pixie. Who the hell spends eternity going to high school and watches a catatonic teenager sleep? The c%nt is deranged…”

“Do you prefer to bite women, or men? Does it matter?”

“I prefer women. They smell better, generally taste better and tremble when I take my time”

What’s the most annoying question Dante would ever get asked?
“What does blood taste like?”