Unbroken Goes on Tour


★★★ BLOG TOUR ★★★

UNBROKEN (Undisputed, #2) 
by Aaron L Speer

#roundtwo #fightlikeagirl #thisaintnolovestoryitsalifestory

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Cover: Deranged Doctor Designs
Interior Formatting: Stephany Wallace



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“You knew_ You knew what he was doing to me_ You… you let him_” (6)


When Ava Beckinsale’s parents discover their daughter’s attraction to women, they decide a radical medical treatment is the only way to fix her.

When Ava finds out what’s really happening during her sessions with the doctor, she runs to the only friend she has left, a retired MMA fighter.

With his help, Ava will reach for the only thing that hasn’t been stripped away: her dream of forging her own career in MMA.

Where the only things that matter are the strength of your character, the size of your heart and whether you have the courage to get back up when you’ve been knocked down.

Despite everything she’s endured, her true test will begin in the Cage. To conquer it, and everything life will throw at her, she’ll have to learn: sometimes your biggest opponent is yourself.

“You injured her…” Max said, “but you didn’t beat her.” (14)

“You injured her…” Max said, “but you didn’t beat her.” (25)

Book 1: Undisputed


Note: Unbroken can be read as a standalone.

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